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Marriage Jokes

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"The thrill is gone from my marriage," Brian told his best friend Mike. "Why not add some intrigue to your life, and... view the article

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A bum asks a man for $2.00. The man asked, "Will you buy booze?" The bum said, "No." The man asked, "Will you gamble it... view the article

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"Oh love, what did you ever do to deserve a wife like me?" she said looking lovingly into her husbands eyes. "I don't... view the article

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"I was in a very generous mood today," a woman says to her friend. "I gave a poor beggar $25.00" "Thats a lot of money t... view the article

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"I bet you don't know what day this is", said the wife to her husband as he made his way out the front door. The husband... view the article